Why are they here?

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Julien Moorrees

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The Angel-Humans are reincarnated to help the passage to 2012 enormously. They do so by helping -in a subtle manner- the people in their surroundings to the correct side. They have knowledge of the higher plan and they also act on this. This comes from their direct link with The Source, which guides them according to the bigger plan.

They also have the purpose of teaching and of providing people with knowledge and skills. They guide several people in developing their spiritual abilities.

An important feature is the merging of several souls with each other and bringing them in connection with the source. Because not every soul is open for this, Angel-Humans also try to take as many obstacles from this person out of the way. Although soul-merging seems contradictory for a being without soul, it is just this property which enables her to mold, seize and move the soul of another one. An empty place can always be filled up. The soul seeks the pathway of the least resistance and feels rapidly at home within the Angel-Human. They provide a protected place where they can grow and develop. It provides a place for the soul, made ready for merging.

The Angel-Humans are only here to serve. They are no longer here for their own evolution because they already have learned all lessons of life. The most important objective is to guarantee the evolution of mankind and to adjust where required. Very few resources are prohibited in this process, which has as the result that Angel-Humans often are experienced as very powerful beings.

The Angel-Humans also want to help people who have become without a goal. They will lead this person towards the good, so that the person will realize that things can be solved different then in a negative way. Angel-Humans will put several persons back on (the correct) track.

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