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Julien Moorrees

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The wing chakra is an important instrument for the Angel-Human. It is located on the back between the shoulders, just on the bottom of the neck. When this chakra is used it feels as if it comes from the bottom of the neck. The wing chakra should not be confused with the neck/chin/throat chakra because that one is positioned just above the former one.

The wings of the angel have always been important throughout the ages. On many drawings of angels the wings have become a characteristic icon. These angel wings are symbol for the wing chakra discussed here. Why the wings are this important becomes clear from the way the Angel-Human uses it:

  • Unlimited contact: With the wing chakra it is possible to link with other people/entities. It does not matter how big the distance between this person/entity is. There is no need for direct contact with this person by, for example the telephone or by means of the internet.

    When the Angel-Human wants to make contact, she imagines a beam of energy, which she extends towards the one with whom the contact must be made. A connection is made with the wing chakra of the one with whom contact was needed. When the recipient pays attention to activity at its wing chakra he or she can feel this contact as well.
  • Sending energies: When contact has been made with another entity, any form of energy can be sent via the wing chakra to the other one. This can be love, healing energy, ideas or even "fictitious entities".

    A fictitious entity is something the recipient is experiences as an entity (like for example a guide) but without recognizing the sender in it. In fact, the recipient does not even get the idea that it is the Angel-Human, who is helping him/her at that moment. The reason why the Angel-Human needs a fictitious entity is because the recipient is not open for help of the Angel-Human, but is open for another form of help.

    The Angel-Human has complete control on what she wants to send via the wing chakra. She only has to imagine it. The Angel-Human does not have to be frightened that sending pure/healing energy will cost her energy. With her wing chakra she has direct contact with the source from which indefinite energy can be used to transfer it to the recipient.
  • Receiving energies: When contact has been established with another entity, every form of energy from the other can be received via the wing chakra. The empathic capacity of the Angel-Human is used if she wants know how the other one is feeling. This is passed on via the wing chakra automatically.

    It is not unusual that with contact, certain predicaments are taken over. Like a cold or a headache. In such a case the wing chakra will be used as drain for the energy of the recipient that is stuck. The energy of the recipient can get stuck with the Angel-Human. To get rid of this the chakra of the stomach (empathy) must be closed. Imagine a flower in front of your stomach, from which you slowly fold up the leaves. You are then temporary released from negative energy that streams in. The chakra opens itself automatically after a while.
  • Drive out bad entities: The wing chakra is a powerful tool to drive off bad entities. Firstly, contact is necessary with this entity via the wing chakra. When this contact has been established, sending large quantities of energy to this entity is frequently sufficient to "scare it". If this is not sufficient, then it also helps to send anger by thoughts or call loudly in your mind: "Leave! You do not belong here!" When you become really angry and obtain energy from this, almost every single bad entity runs away from of this. It is simply no match against the infinite energy which comes from the wing chakra.

    Using the wing chakra well is the most powerful quality of Angel-Humans.
  • Soul-merging: The transition to 2012 is impossible without a soul-merge. The soul-merge is the effective merging of people to one single uniform entity. This uniform entity has combined all strengths to a much more powerful cooperation than when they would be used separately. Here applies the rule: 1+1=3. The sum is more powerful than its separate components are.

    The wing chakra is the base for the first link. When 2 entities have made contact, then also the link process can start. At a merge all chakras are connected to each other, and the souls approach each other more closely. They take over each other's frequency, and will resonate on the correct positions. This way a much more powerful entity arises.

    The Angel-Human is the base for this soul-merge and for this reason they are called the foundation for the new humanity. Without a wing chakra a merge is simply not possible.

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