Earth-Chakray 8: Zetas

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Julien Moorrees

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Earth continued her search for Lemuria when it connected to a new planet called Zeta Reticuli. The Zetas are the most technologically advanced specie that Earth came in contact with. The Zetas were however a dying race since their only way of reproducing is by using cloning technology. This technology wasn't perfect causing the Zeta's losing important DNA information every time a new Zeta was "born".

When the Zetas connected with the Earth-Chakray they used their technology to explore the new found world. Since the Zetas are a very careful race, they have all the technology available to keep them hidden as much as possible. A period of observation started in which they learned a lot about the Humans. They experimented with Human DNA and tried to implement the Human reproductive system into their own species.

The Zetas were initially not aware that other Chakrays had connected to Earth until their technology came in contact with signals from the Reptoids searching for Lemuria. These signals could not originate from the very "limited" humans so they started to explore this new Reptoid ray. They discovered that the Earth was able to receive beings from other rays by incarnating them into human bodies.

The first Zetas incarnated into physical bodies and started to explore the Earth in a new way. They learned much faster with a physical body, so more and more Zetas came to Earth. The knowledge of technology was brought onto Earth with the goal of making her compatible with Zeta Reticuli. Their influence and impact on Earth grew, causing the Reptoids to notice the Zetas.

Ray Earth_15 Technology

First contact was made between the Zetas and Reptoids in which for the first time in their lives, the Zetas were able to explore emotions. The Zetas didn't like they had no control over these new emotions so they experimented with technology. Medicine and drugs were invented to manipulate them.

The Reptoids explained the purpose of Earth to the Zetas and they came to an agreement about the rules that the Zetas should respect in order to be welcome on Earth. But since the Zetas were new on Earth and had not experienced the near destruction of Earth, they didn't really respect the other Chakrays.
They started to develop technology for controlling and exploring the Chakrays. Many inventions were done. The technology that had big impact on this world and is connected to the different rays, are as followed:

  • Ray 1 (Heart): The Phone, The Internet, Social Networking.
  • Ray 2 (Solar Plexus): Money, Electronic money, Democracy.
  • Ray 3 (Throat): Gramophone, Radio, Television.
  • Ray 4 (Sacral): Chemical Drugs / Medicine, Birth control pills, Viagra.
  • Ray 5 (3rd eye): Radar, ECG (EKG), XTC (MDMA).
  • Ray 6 (Base): Weather prediction, Sky Scrapers, Construction techniques.
  • Ray 7 (Crown): Electricity, EMF Meter, Space Satellites / Telescopes.
  • Ray 8 (-1*): Genetic manipulation, Micro chips, Computers.

The Zetas are still experimenting with the different Chakrays but became more and more aware of the importance of rejoining Earth with Lemuria. Technology is more and more adapted to preserve the Earth, or at least reduce the impact on Earth's eco system.

*Note that Ray 8 is not connected to a Chakra. If it was connected, it would be located below the base chakra.

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