Earth-Chakray 10: The Unknown 1

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Julien Moorrees

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According to the common predictions, Chakray 10 will connect to Earth at 21st of December 2012. Assuming that a full Chakray balance is reached, the impact of Chakray 10 can be reduced by all the other Chakrays, when it connects as shown below:

Ray Earth_18_who

How things progress from this point in time, is unknown so the next pages will give a possible outcome. This text assumes that a full balance is reached.

When Chakray 10 connects, the impact is very big because it is a very advanced and highly evolved race. By showing them how balanced we have become, they will understand the importance of the union they have joined. The lessons of the other Chakray are learned by Chakray 10, making them understand the need for Earth to connect with Lemuria.

Especially when Chakray 10 learns the existence of twin souls from the Angels, Chakray 10 realizes that a connection can be made with their own twins through Earth. Chakray 10 will join the balanced state and helps in the search for the next Ray. Chakray 9 will enlarge its influence to keep balance among the rays:

Export_Ray Earth_19_Balance

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