The venus transit of 6th june 2012. Receiving the female energy on earth.

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Julien Moorrees

The Mayan civilisation, along with the Aztecs and Incas, placed tremendous important on Venus cycles. The Mayans regard the cycles of rising and setting of Venus near the Sun, as a key timing trigger in the world. Within the Indian Vedic traditions, the 120 year Venus transit cycle is also regarded as of major importance. It's not surprising then that the second Venus transit of this decade falls in June, 2012, just six months from the end of the Mayan calendar in December 2012.

In the early Mayan books, the Dresden Codex, the beginning of the Great Cycle in August, 3114 BC is referred to as the "Birth of Venus". As well, several of the surviving Mayan manuscripts also refer to Venus as a Sister Planet of Earth. And Mayan prophecy states that the renewed world of new consciousness will be born on the occasion of the Venus Passage across the Sun of 6th June 2012. The sun in astrology represents masculine energy and the principle life force in our Solar System. It's at the centre and from its position, it drives all the planets. In a chart it's your vital life force, the ability to give and receive, leadership, generosity and drive.

Venus is the female love principal in astrology. It's the primordial Yin energy of our system. It's harmony, beauty, sociability, co-operation, women and the Goddess energy. So when Venus aligns with the Sun (from our Earth's perspective), the principle life force is united with love, female energy, harmony and the Goddess principle.

The June occultation occurs at 18 degrees Gemini with a strong opposition to Pluto. This means very powerful energies are released to harmonise the masculine vital force enabled by the transformational energies of Pluto - almost irresistible! A powerful time of transformation for our very disturbed and disrupted world. This Venus transit couldn't be happening at a better time.

Whether you are in a female body or in a male body, we will have to look at the exchange of energies between male and female. We through our transformation will find a way , for both sexes to work together in harmony rather than having one dominant over the other. We are to find a way of bringing the gifts of both together as one. Only then , can we walk hand in hand with each other , as we move into the final phase of the transformation. Many of us have had incarnations in both sexes, and we of course have our inner male or female. Now is the time to look within to balance these two energies within us, so we can then see it mirrored out into our outside reality.

We must reprogram our assumptions, concepts, values, and practices, which constitutes our way of viewing the reality of male and female interaction.
• All visible creation is male energy, in its expression.
• All things that are seen in manifestation are seen as male .The male energy is a state of radiation; therefore it is polarized in the male expression.
• All things that are unseen create a magnetic energy in the universe.
• The energy that holds all things together is female.

The seen and the unseen are the two great poles of the Creator. In order to bring about a complete transformation of the human story, we need as a species to stabilize the male-female relationship. The prime cause of disharmony in relationships has little to do with personality, education, background; it has to do with energy. First of all let’s look at the atom for as microcosm and macrocosm dictates, the secret must be there. Male and female must be looked upon as energy units of opposite charge. Look within the atom to know the secrets of the balanced energy system between male and female.

Look to the love between electrons and protons that create the balanced atom, to see how we should function in our transformation. Every form, whether it be an atom or planet, possesses a consciousness; it is either positively or negatively charged. In other words, it is either male or female. The male atom is called a positive particle and the female atom - a negative. Creation itself is produced and made up of the active and receptive principles. This principle of creation is based upon the negatively (-) and positively (+) charged poles of polarity, that can be witnessed throughout all creation. This duality of the energy of creation is expressed in the relationship between all male and female species of physical life, and between the subatomic particles of electrons and protons in the atom.

There are only two energies in the Universe. Either male or female. The two energies that sustain the Universe are radiance and magnetism. The Sun gives off light, and radiation which sustains. This is an important function but no more important than magnetism that gives form to all things and holds all creation together. Magnetic energy, female energy such as gravity, is invisible, but its effect is powerful, just as radiance is, which is visible. There would be no form to give off radiation without magnetism to create the form. To create balance, we must understand the purpose of the two energies. The male, or the positive energy, is radiant, action, or sending energy. The female, or negative energy (not negative as in bad, but negative as in electricity) is magnetic, attracting, and receiving. In order for any creation to occur, there always has to be an active (+) act such as the producing of a thought in the form of a goal for example (yang), followed by the receptive (-) act of receiving the image within the subconscious mind where it can begin to mature (yin) for eventual manifestation into the physical.

During sex, the male body is the sender of the seed. The female body, on the other hand, is the receiver of the seed. When impregnation occurs, the growth of the baby or new creation is an automatic process. One of the reasons the male energy has dominated in recent times is that it is a more visible energy. The feminine energy is indeed a mystique, or mystery, because only its effects can be seen, but the energy cannot. The heavy male dominance
is being counterbalanced, however, by the opening of the next faculty in man which is the intuition, which is also feminine. The main point to remember is that in the end both male and female energies will play an equal role in our transformation. No human or atom can become stable without the correct interplay of energy.

In all male-female relationships the male unit must be radiant and sending, and the female must be magnetic and receiving, or the energy of the relationship will be out of balance. Both sexes are equal in value. One cannot exist without the other. There is no creation with just one sex. They must work together. Some males and some females can do well operating in their opposite's energy but they are going against the current. They can advance themselves, if they go with the current in their own energy, just as any swimmer can attain the greatest speed going downstream. When a woman refuses to receive or cannot receive, because there is no man in her life who can give to her, she will feel out of balance. If she is the companion to a man who is less evolved than herself, then she automatically becomes the provider, or the male energy, even while in a female body. Playing the role of male energy in a female body is like swimming upstream.

It is difficult and the person will inwardly yearn for the downstream current. Many females who understand this principle will complain about the difficulty in finding a male who can give to them in a romantic relationship. On the other hand, many males will also complain that they cannot find a female who will receive. The female can seek to receive higher knowledge from a sending (male) and thus balance herself by receiving. Of course, both sexes use both energies, but the emphasis for the physical male should be on sending and the female on receiving until balance in achieved. To put mankind in  alignment with nature, as is in the atoms, and then the correct interplay must be established among us, just as it is in the microcosm. The correct interplay of the negative and positive (or female and male) energies in the subatomic world creates an atom which is greater than the sum of its parts. As does the correct interplay of male and female in the human kingdom, create something more than the male or female alone.