Earth-Chakray 2: The Nephilim

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Julien Moorrees

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When Earth made first contact with an external ray, it connected to a race known as Nephilim (or Anunnaki) from the planet Nibiru. This ray is different than the Lemurian Earth-Chakray 1 (the Heart Chakra) and is the source of Chakray 2, Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd Hindu chakra).

The first Nephilim that came in contact with the Lemurians, was Lucifer. For the first time in his live, he came in contact with Love (chakra 4). Eve at that same time came in contact with power and matter (chakra 3) and they started to interact with each other. Eve liked the new energy that had arrived and she started to focus her energy on the Nephilim. Her strong connection with Earth and the other Lemurians weakened, causing the earth to disbalance. Duality was introduced to the Earth.

The Earth was changed, reshaped and reformed as the Nephilim explored their chakra (Solar Plexus) on this new world. Structures were created and individuality was introduced worldwide, as more Nephilim incarnated on the Earth.

Earth when the Nephilim where here

Conflict came on Earth as more Nephilim explored Chakray 1. The Lemurians that felt alone, were seduced by the Nephilim exploring Love. But unbalanced love created jealousy and power struggles among the new Earth's population.

The Lemurians also started to explore the powers of Chakray 2 by experiment with this new energy. This was not liked by the Nephilim as they liked to keep their powers to themselves. It was not long when the Nephilim wanted to take over the Earth by removing the Lemurians totally.

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