Duality - Why Earth’s ascension is different: How to help Earth Ascend

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Julien Moorrees

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Since you are here and have the intention to help Earth ascending, there are two scenario's that Earth can choose from. First task is to let Earth feel the possible scenarios that she can choose from. She can then decide on what is best for her, and how it can be achieved. We also have to let her know what she can expect when ascending, because there is still some fear left from the last failure.

Another important task is getting in touch with Lemuria and recognize him correctly. We need to know his state and if he wishes to rejoin with Earth. Whatever we find out, Earth has the right to know in order to make a proper decision.

Whatever Earth decides, it is our task to respect this decision and take our own responsibility. If it's time to go and move on, it is just that. But until no decision is final, feel welcome to help Earth ascending.

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