Earth-Chakray 1,2,3,4 & 5: The Alliance

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Julien Moorrees

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Since the Earth originated from Lemuria and the Lemurian people did not leave the earth, the influence of Chakray 1 became big. The other Chakrays learned in much depth the lessons of Chakray 1, which resulted in a joined effort of all the Rays to reconnect Earth with their own home planets. They now fully understood the pain of the Lemurians by losing their own world and this understanding created the strongest bond between the different Chakrays.

Earth was a planet that only had a few survivors in the search for their own home planet. It was agreed that this experience may never be forgotten and that it should be imprinted in everyone that was there. A contract was imprinted in the last survivors that said that the Earth must be protected and that the search for Lemuria should continue as originally intended.

This was the start of a lot of discoveries that were done during the exploration of the 5 Chakrays by every race. Angels had learned the energy of Chakray 5 (insight), with which they discovered that Angels and Nephilim actually originated from the same source. They are so alike because the Nephilim and Angels home planet has the exact same distance from their origin.

Because of their likeness, it didn't took long when the first twin soul connection was formed between the Nephilim and Angels. This caused the Nephilim to align with the wish to join with their own origin. The Nephilim were from then on known as Fallen Angels so that they would always remember their Angelic origin from God, their father.

The powers of the Chakrays on Earth grow much quicker because of the joined effort even with the limited number of people present. The power of union made them stronger than ever and a balance between the Chakrays and Earth was formed:

Ray Earth_09_Galactic Federation

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