Earth-Chakray 4: Reptoids and the beginning of Atlantis

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Julien Moorrees

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The search for Lemuria continued and Earth-Chakray 4 made its connection with the planet Draconis. This planet is the source of the Sacral Chakra (2nd Hindu chakra). The Reptoids incarnated on Earth and came in contact with the Nephilim. Since Reptoids are the masters of the feelings they are able to manipulate them as well. The Reptoids brought a lot of new feelings into this world, unknown by the Nephilim . Sex, Fun, Hate, etc. were such feelings that were shared with the Nephilim.

The Nephilim had the power to shape matter in any kind they wanted, which was very liked by the Reptoids. They created a place which made it possible to experiment with these new energies and called it Atlantis. A lot of power came from combining feelings with matter so devices were created on Atlantis to experiment with these feelings.

Ray Earth_06_Atlantis

The Reptoids discovered the dark side of feelings when they combined them with the Nephilim knowledge. For the first time on Earth, fear was felt. The Nephilim and Reptoid alliance experimented on the Lemurians to explore the dark side of feelings. A lot of Lemurians were destroyed in that process or had to flee to the Angelic alliance. This reduced the Lemurian race to near extinction for the second time.

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