Earth-Chakray 9: Arcturians

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Julien Moorrees

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Earth was still in search when a new planet aligned with Earth. The planet Arcturus connected with Earth allowing the Arcturians to incarnate. They are a very advanced specie that have great knowledge about this universe. They recognize the importance of Earth because it provides an important doorway to different parts of the universe to which the Arcturians have no access to.

The Arcturians that incarnated are most commonly known as star/rainbow children and teach the lessons about having a collective consciousness while regaining their individuality. This is different than the Lemurians, who lose their individuality when they join with other Lemurians to create a collective consciousness.

First contact was made with Chakray 7, which gave them in-depth knowledge about their higher selves. People were able to come in contact with their souls without declaring it divine or Godly. Souls became aware of their collective and individual nature, causing them part from the masses.

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Individuality while having a collective consciousness was experienced by the other Chakrays. In short these are the most important developments per ray:

  • Ray 1 (Heart): Making connections is the strength of the Lemurians, but they also create a symbiotic relationship when they connect. Chakray 9, learns them how to connect in such a way that individuality is preserved when it would harm the collective consciousness. There is a balance between individuality and the collective consciousness.
  • Ray 2 (Solar Plexus): The awareness of how power systems like, communism, money or religion, control the masses, is learned allowing the collapse of those systems. This is still an ongoing process, but more and more cracks are found in those systems that don't care about the individuals that are "in" them.
  • Ray 3 (Throat): The voice of the individuals are now heard by the masses, causing some world changing event. Like governments collapsing or alliances between people that have been enemies for ages. Influence of social media, music and videos are felt all over the world.
  • Ray 4 (Sacral): Experiencing how feelings are equal amongst others, but still different per person, is learned within Chakray 4. Making a connection that is no longer sex based, is another important lesson learned within Chakray 4.
  • Ray 5 (3rd eye): Development / extension of spiritual therapy, energetic healing & regression therapy is developed that allows getting in contact with the soul but keep the individuality intact.
  • Ray 6 (Base): Awareness of the fragility of Earth, and the connection with it, is taught. Also the importance of security, the basic elements of live and being part of a global community is learned.
  • Ray 7 (Crown): Recognizing your own soul from within the collective origin, allowing individuality to exist inside the collective.
  • Ray 8 (-1*): Gene modification is refined, which allows more advance species to incarnate on this Earth, allowing more new rays to incarnate onto Earth.
  • Ray 9 (8**): Insight in the cosmic rays and the importance of bringing them in balance with each other is learned.

*Note that Ray 8 is not connected to a Chakra. If it was connected, it would be located below the base chakra.
** Ray 9 is also not connected to a Chakra. If it was connected, it would be located above the crown chakra.

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