How the spirit is built up

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Julien Moorrees

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The spirit is the constituent that can think, reason, decide, think ahead, reflect and interpret signals. These signals can originate from other spirits, the body or the soul. The essence of the spirit is the capability to combine these individual flows of communication, independent of the time when these signals were received, and use this information to make a decision. This can be explained by the following example:

When a person gets a shock from an electric fence, a signal is received from the reaction accompanied with this encounter. The next time the spirit recognizes an electric fence it will be able to connect this experience with the one from the past and guides a person not to touch the fence again. Also possible experiences from the future are taken into account in this example: the expectation is raised that touching the fence once more, will hurt again. The spirit is therefore capable to bypass the fourth dimension (time): it can use and combine the future, the present and the past without any trouble (not change, only use!).

That aside, the spirit also comprises memories that are necessary to reason. Without memories it is impossible for the mind to use the past as means of communication.

A powerful feature of the spirit is to classify signals and group them into signals of similar content. That's why the concepts feelings and emotions are introduced; they are the ones who determine this process. By introducing these classifications the spirit is able to make rapid decisions. It associates certain feelings / emotions to positive or negative signals.

The following figure shows what is happening inside the spirit:


The purple circle is also known as the Ego, the element that takes decisions and creates one's thoughts.

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