How the soul is built up

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Julien Moorrees

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The soul is one's identity, one's personality. All your wishes, preferences, dislikes and capabilities are part of your soul. Your soul knows whom you would like to be and whom you don't. Your soul forms the goal you try to achieve in life. This is shown in the following figure:


Two souls are able to communicate their whishes, preferences, dislikes and capabilities with each other. When these separate components are connected we can see the following elements:

soul communication

When the wishes of two souls are equal, a shared love comes from that what the wish is about. This love can be expressed in many ways and depends on the subject matter of these wishes. The more wishes correspond with each other, the more they connect and the more love there is between these two souls.

When the preferences of two souls correspond, this is expressed in showing the same behavior. E.g. the same clothes are bought, the same products are purchased e.g. The more the preferences correspond the more identical behavior is shown.

When the dislikes of two souls match, it will utter into a joined protest. They will agitate about the same situation and probably agree to take steps against it together.

When the capabilities of two souls are equal they can use these capabilities joined strong. The combined expression of these capacities will evolve with rising the expression of the individual. An example is the ability to sing clear and properly. When two people sing combined it will have a much better result then when you hear the two people separately. The more capabilities correspond, the more evolution takes place in their joined activities.

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