How the Angel-Human is built up

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Julien Moorrees

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Before the year 2003 one strived to (the ultimate) being alone. A good example of this is the Holism. The ultimate being alone is a powerfull means to explore the soul entirely. "Who are you?" "What do you want?" "What is your identity" are questions that need to be answered during this quest.

Along the evolution to 2012 it has become clear that individuality is leading to a dead end. The strength of the group is noticeable to all sides and a lot of times more powerful than a single individual. It is time to let loose of identity.

How people are built up in relation to the source, the soul and the mind has been depicted (simplified) in the next figure:

buildup with soul

When we look at the Angel-Human, it becomes clear very soon why the Angel-Human has no soul anymore. The next scheme reflects this:

buildup without soul

After releasing the identity, people are formed entirely by the source. Angel-Humans are devine beings indeed. Their intentions are no longer formed by the wish of being unique (the soul), but are entirely in balance with the larger whole.

The mind is headed directly by the source and this way is almost carried out direct.

The Angel-Human still has an ego which is frequently larger then the more "ordinary" people. The ego is present in the mind and is fed by the source. This is where the feeling of greatness originates from.

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